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  • by admin on March 30, 2015

Living Oceans

Formerly Livingseas Pte Ltd, Living Oceans takes a giant leap forward by providing their clients with Premium Dive Solutions – making sure you make the best, informed choices on equipment, training and experience, and getting you ready to join the ranks of responsible, proficient and environmentally conscious underwater explorers.

In addition, founders Gideon Liew and Ong Chee Hoon are not your ordinary retailers who carry premium brands and hope they will sell themselves. They want to make sure that when you walk into their space, every product you see on the shelf (right down to the double-enders and bolts!) has been tried and tested in the toughest of conditions, and held up to its name.

Avid divers who have plunged into less than chartered territories in the caves of Mexico, China and Croatia to mention a few, they know, first hand, that their equipment has to be able to perform beyond stringent expectations.

So, they’ve made it a company policy that any piece of equipment they bring into the store has to undergo some form of rigorous testing first before it can even make the inventory list.

And coming up very soon, we will also be Singapore’s very own GUE Instructor Development Centre!

So if you are looking to find out more about something that has caught your eye on our website, come on down for a chat and a coffee, and they’ll be very happy to share their unadulterated views and recommend what would suit you best. And if Gideon is around, be prepared to clear the rest of your afternoon!

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